The name Bugatti represents, in the history of automotive world motoring, a perfect mix of mechanical genius combined with artistic creativity.A long history of successes in the most important sports competitions have then determined the birth of the Bugatti myth.


This union of speed, mechanical refinement, elegance and design of an artistic level, have pushed the Bugatti enthusiasts to feel somehow “different” from other drivers and to join Club since long ago: the first club in the world dedicated to a brand of cars was the Bugatti Owners Club, founded in Britain in 1928.


It is estimated that between 1910 and 1950 no more than 8,000 Bugatti cars were built, of which about 1500 survive today. But the passion has not blurred with the closure of the factory in Molsheim, on the contrary since the days of the immediate post-war period the appreciation for the work of Ettore Bugatti has grown. Lovers of many countries, despite the many difficulties and with the help of the clubs, have kept the tradition of the Brand alive, spreading the interest in these unique vehicles all over the world.


The Bugatti Clubs are today on all continents and maintain close relationships among them.


The Bugatti Club Italia was founded in 1986 by resuming the activity of the Italian Bugatti Register, created in 1963 by prominent personalities in the world of Italian historical vehicles such as Luigi Castelberco, Giovannino Lurani, Dore Leto di Priolo, Carlo Leto di Priolo, Gianluigi Saccardo , Alberto Procovio, Mario Longoni and Francesco Santovetti.


The Bugatti Club Italia is a private non-profit association. To be a member is not required to own a Bugatti car.


Among the various activities provided for by the bylaws, the Bugatti Club Italia aims to assist collectors, keep the register of existing cars in Italy, historical research on the Marca and organize cultural events and events that allow fans from the whole world to visit the Italian regions out of the big tourist circuits.


Collectors of Bugatti cars have a special sensitivity for what is beauty and quality.


In addition to periodically organizing Bugatti meetings in Italy, the Bugatti Club Italia actively and successfully participates in international regularity events.


Every year, in rotation, a Bugatti Club hosts the International Bugatti Meeting, undoubtedly the most important Bugatti event of the year.